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Final Cut Shared Storage for Final Cut Pro 

August 19, 2010 by Steve Modica

Final Cut Shared Storage Solution

Small Tree Communications provides the shared storage solution you need for getting the most out of Final Cut. Having the rightshared storage solution makes your video production company much more efficient by significantly improving work flow in Final Cut Studio. Video editors using a shared server with Final Cut don’t have to transfer a file between machines to open it—they just open it right from the shared storage server in Final Cut. Plus, backing up your work is much easier, since all you need to back up is the server, and not individual workstations.

Properly designing and building your Mac network is the key to successfully leveraging a shared storage solution for Final Cut. Small Tree makes the process easy and cost-effective, by using Ethernet instead of an expensive fibre channel solution. We understand how to optimize the potential ofEthernet and design your shared storage solution so it provides you with the speed and capacity you need to edit smoothly and reliably in Final Cut.

In order to get every frame from the shared storage server into Final Cut without jitter, Small Tree first specifies the proper hardware needed for the job, then optimizes the network’s bandwidth and latency through its unique driver set. Since the Small Tree solution uses Ethernet, it typically costs only about 15% of a comparable fibre channelinstallation (for the average small video production company). That’s a huge cost difference between two solutions that solve the same problem!

Call 866-STC-4MAC (866-782-4622) or e-mail us at today to get started on a shared storage solution for Final Cut at your company!


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