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Small Tree Communications Announces Superior 10Gb Ethernet Solution for Xserve G5

November 15, 2005 by Joe DiBenedetto

CHIPPEWA VALLEY, WI, November 15, 2005 Small Tree Communications, a leader in providing state-of-the-art enterprise networking solutions, today announced its latest 10Gb Ethernet solution for Apple’s Xserve G5 running Mac OS X Server version 10.4 “Tiger.” Using its highly optimized drivers and the features of Tiger Server, Small Tree has delivered a 60% performance improvement for its 10GbE solution.

“Network bandwidth is imperative in today’s fast-paced work environment, and with 10Gb becoming more prevalent in desktop systems, it was necessary to create a higher performance connect between today’s powerful desktops and centralized servers,” said Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree Communications. “10Gb over CX-4 is an affordable alternative for streamlining workflow and is especially attractive in those industries where deadlines are critical for success, such as in post-production houses.”

“The combination of Mac OS X Server, Xserve G5 and Xserve RAID provides phenomenal processing power and massive storage capacity,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “We’re thrilled Small Tree has taken advantage of innovations in Tiger Server and Xserve G5 to deliver customers a huge increase in performance.”

“We see the 10GbE CX-4 networking products providing a high value price performance option for large data centers to small design houses for solutions such as aggregating GbE desktop systems, high definition video editing and graphic design,” said Tom Swinford, general manager, Intel LAN Access Division. “With Small Tree’s custom drivers for the Intel(R) PRO/10GbE CX-4 SR Server Adapters, Intel Networking products can support a wide variety of I/O intensive applications, such as image processing and data mining.”

“Graphic intensive applications like audio/visual editing and simulations require a significant increase in bandwidth,” said Joel Hagberg, vice president, marketing and business development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America. “The Fujitsu 10Gb Ethernet low latency switch is a required building block for users to realize the benefits of high bandwidth applications while maintaining cost and power advantages.”

CX-4, a copper interconnect standard for 10Gb class signal, is a lower cost switch interface ideal for high bandwidth network connections in high-performance computing clusters and for short distances within wiring closets. CX-4 minimizes design, installation and maintenance costs by preserving 802.3 network architecture, management and software features. A 10GbE CX-4 card, switch and support software are available through Small Tree Communications for $2,400 per port.

About Small Tree Communications
Small Tree Communications is dedicated to providing unique leading edge enterprise networking solutions to the Mac. With world-class high performance computing experience from its team of networking and kernel developers, Small Tree brings new technology peripheral products to meet the demanding application requirements of Mac customers. Small Tree provides leading edge InfiniBand solutions and offers copper and optic-based multi-port gigabit Ethernet cards and 10Gb Ethernet adapters for the Mac. For more information, please visit

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